Thursday, September 10, 2015

Woman Kills the ISIS Commander Who Was Raping Her

(Clarion Project) An emir (high ranking officer) in the Islamic State in Mosul has been killed by a woman who had been captured and used as his sex slave for three months. The revenge was taken against the man who was called Abu Annas for all the rape and abuse she suffered while in captivity.

The media officer of the Kurdish Democratic Party for Mosul, Saeed Mamuzzini, reported the incident to Alsumaria news on Saturday, saying that the killing took place in the Tel Raman neighborhood in the western part of the city.

Thousands of women have been captured by the Islamic State (ISIS) and forced into sex slavery, mostly Yazidis. Oftentimes, the Yazidi women are forced to convert to Islam and then "married" to their captors. Muslim women have also been forced into marriage with Islamic State fighters after the terror groups offers payoffs for the girls to their families who are desparate for money.

Other women are strongly encouraged, sometimes forced, to perform "sex-jihad" in which women give their bodies to Islamic State fighters in order to boost their morale for jihad.
The following video from NBC Nightly News explains the Islamic State's doctrine of sex slavery: