Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Abbas to annul Oslo accords, declare 'Palestine' an occupied state

Why not? He built a palace, with international aid intended for "Palestinians", complete with massive walls and heavy security detail. He got his. F the "Palestinians".
(WJD) P.A. President Mahmoud Abbas is planning to annul the Oslo Accords and declare 'Palestine' an occupied state, the Times of Israel reported on Monday.

According to the Times, rumors of Abbas' resignation are not serious. Instead, they are a "diversion" intended to cover Abbas' upcoming "dramatic move."
The Oslo Accords, as well as the agreement signed in Sharm el Sheikh in 1994, are expected to be canceled. Also set to be annulled are an economic agreement signed in Paris and several pacts on security cooperation between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.
Abbas will then move to the U.N. General Assembly, "where he is expected to say that in light of the annulment of the agreements, Palestine will be considered a state under occupation."

The accords were originally signed in 1993, and set up the Palestinian Authority as the official representative of the Palestinians under the aegis of the PLO. The conditions have survived, though they have been severely strained due to Palestinian terrorism and the second intifada.

The annulment of the accords may be part of a larger "master plan" set out by Saeb Erekat, the P.A.'s top diplomat, who was
the brains behind the Palestinian plan to up the pressure on Israel by joining institutions and organizations like the International Criminal Court at the Hague and others.
Negotiations between Israel and the P.A. have been deadlocked since the last set of peace negotiations under U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry were torpedoed by Abbas. Clearly, the P.A. president is now trying to break the stalemate in his favor.