Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Israeli killed in Palestinian rock attack

(INN) Hundreds of people attended the funeral of murdered Israeli Alexander Levlovitz, 64, who died in a rock attack on his car outside Jerusalem over the Rosh Hashanah holiday.

Levlovitz's children eulogized him.

"Nothing can prepare a person for a moment like this," son Nir stated. "How can I go on without you? To feel your unconditional love?"

"You rest in the soil of the city in which you were born, which you loved, in which you were murdered," he finished tearfully.

"The sky cried after the holiday," his daughter Maya added. "How can we say goodbye to a person like you? Who could believe this would happen to us?"

"One rock destroyed our lives," his wife Iris stated. "You've given us so much happiness in our life. I thank you for everything you did for us. You were taken from us due to a baseless hatred which you never had in your heart."

Attendees included Deputy Defense Minister MK Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan (Jewish Home), Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, and Jerusalem city council member Dov Kalmanovitz.