Thursday, September 17, 2015

ISIS's 'Supermarket Jihadi' Complains About Fellow Fighters' Caliphate Conduct

(Newsweek) A British ISIS jihadi has posted a message on a blog complaining about his Syrian "brothers" in the terrorist group's ranks and bemoaning their manners.

Omar Hussain, also known as Abu Sa'eed al-Britani, and dubbed the "Supermarket Jihadi" by the media because he used to work in British supermarket Morrisons, regularly posts on his blog from Syria about life in ISIS. In this post, he says that his Arab comrades have a lack of respect for personal space, poor dinner etiquette, act childishly and have a penchant for stealing shoes and iPhone chargers.

The 27-year-old from High Wycombe in England, writes: "Arabs as a whole have a unique culture, which differs dramatically from the Western lifestyle. The difference between an Arab and a non-Arab in their manners [is] like the difference between the heavens and the earth."

In the 13-point post, Hussain moans about the fighters' lack of respect for queuing and their dangerous driving skills. "You could be waiting in line for half an hour and then another Arab would come and push in the queue and go straight in," he complains.

His biggest grievance is that other jihadis steal his shoes, saying that it's "weird."

"In the West, it is common knowledge to walk out of a room wearing the same pair of shoes that you wore while entering the room. However here in Shām, our Syrian brothers have a very peculiar philosophy whereby they believe that everyone can share each other's footwear, irrespective of foot size," he continues.

"Someone who is a size 40 will casually walk out the room wearing your footwear even though you are a size 44, and strangely he may not even realise."

Hussain says that he had to treat Syrian fighters "like primary school students" when he's serving them meals, and "refused to give anyone food until every single one of them was sitting down in their seats." He says that the solution to most of the problems listed is to "pray for Allah that he replaces the Arabs with others."

Hussain was monitored by British authorities for four years before he flew to Turkey and entered Syria last year, he claims.

The jihadi initially fought for the al-Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front in Syria before defecting to the group's more radical rivals, ISIS. He has threatened to "bomb the U.K." in propaganda videos and has called on the West to send ground troops to Syria so they can be killed.