Thursday, September 24, 2015

WATCH: ‘Germany Or Nothing’, Demands Migrant Threatening To Return To Syria If He Gets Settled Elsewhere

(Breitbart) A migrant family from Syria are demanding to be settled in “Germany or nothing”, refusing to live in any other European country. They have threatened to go back to Syria if they are not settled in Chancellor Merkel’s country, with its handsome state benefits and open-door policy.

Housam Kbieh told Sky News that he fled Damascus with his wife and two sons, but rejected the idea of being settled anywhere outside Germany.

“I go back to my country, it’s Germany or nothing,” he demanded, adding, “I'[ll] go back [to] my country. Of course.”

The interview, which arguably does not sound like the testimony of a “refugee” desperately seeking a safe haven, but rather of an economic migrant seeking an easy life at the expense of European tax payers.

The news came as Liberal Democrat party leader insisted that migrants had “never heard of” the Western benefits systems, and were simply looking for a “liberal place” to live. This is despite a recent study that showed one in five Syrians think ISIS is a positive thing.

Comments left under Sky’s original story included, “No problem, give them nothing” and “If I can’t go to Germany I will go back … not really running for your life then. More like running towards the great freebie.

The British public appear to be split on the issue, but not without the attempts by the mainstream media to influence opinion. A Breitbart London analysis revealed that the BBC is using a disproportionate number of images of children in their migrant crisis coverage, while a plurality of Britons do not believe the United Kingdom should be taking more migrants.

Furthermore, it seems that the German public are not being showed the same images as British people, with allegations being made that the media is colluding to keep the worst images of the migrant crisis away from German citizens.