Saturday, September 19, 2015

Europe’s Migrant Problem… Europe’s Apartheid Solution

The shoe is on the other foot, but it still stamps on Israel.
(INN) Virtually overnight you’ve become the apartheid continent. From walls and border closures you’ve fenced yourselves in.

Why won’t you let them in? They are your darlings. Fences are going up all over your continent to prevent more of them from entering.

What happened? You wised up?

A decade ago when Israel built a security barrier to stop the flow of terrorists, you lectured, you judged, you called it disgraceful.

You called it apartheid.

Now who’s talking? Your walls went up faster, higher, stronger than Israel ever tried or imagined about the same problem.

Who’d have thought that fingexr-pointing Europeans would one day find themselves in Israel’s shoes? Oh how G-d’s justice comes around!

But you are still talking your talk.

You’re still at it, of course. It’s in the water you drink. It’s in the air you breathe. Get the Jews!

Your frontiers are spilling over, your culture is kaput, your daughters are being raped, but you still have time to needle the Jews.

Why not? Rather than face your fall and decline and the disasters taking place in your own backyard – why that would be too much.

So much easier pick on the Jews, who, by the way, you cannot blame for what’s going on at your borders and in your homes even as we speak. That must hurt.

Imagine this! Something’s happening and you can’t blame the Jews. The BBC says that the Migrant Crisis in the biggest story in the world.

But even the BBC can’t blame the Jews. Not for this one. How frustrating that must be.

That does not mean that the world is silent. Never when it comes to the Jews.

From out of nowhere comes Reykjavik. This is the capital of Iceland and is it known only because it once hosted a Bobby Fischer chess match. Nothing else. Those Reykjavik citizens never even gave the world the cuckoo clock, as did the Swiss, thanks for the reminder from Orson Welles.

But today, Iceland’s capital decided it was high time to hit the Jews with something, anything. So they are boycotting all Israeli products.

Hit the Jews where it hurts. Attaway.

This – happening while the entire world is in turmoil over the Migrant Crisis.

Yes, the biggest story in the world, and while it’s still going on, thousands breaching your barriers – now here comes the EU to make it a daily double.

Or is it the UP – the European Parliament? Same thing.

Enough worrying about problems at home – like the rape crisis afflicting Rotherham and all over the UK from the hands of the incoming hordes.

Who has time for this?

Enough caring about your citizens with no roads to travel, no trains to ride, no planes to fly, all because the migrants have taken over.

Who has time for that?

But there is always time for the Jews. So the European Parliament also did a Reykjavik, even earlier.

These Europeans, while the earth is trembling from stomping feet – still had time to boycott Israeli products made by the “settlers.”

Remarkable…and even British trade unions are in the bag against Israel and for BDS.

From out of this book I will keep saying it until it sinks in, “The Koran has arrived and it has come to devour the Bible.”

It’s coming up all over – up yours too Ann Coulter if that was really you who called us “(F-expletive) Jews.”

Back to Reykjavik, council members say they are boycotting Israel in an act of “solidarity with the Palestinian people.” Ditto the European Parliament.

Those people you love so much go back no farther than 1972 when Arafat called them a nation the same year Fischer beat Spassky.

Those Israeli “settlers” have been there since the time of Abraham, nearly 4,000 years ago. It’s in all the books.

It’s even in your Bibles that you read in church – whatever is left of your Bibles and your churches.

You traded in your churches for mosques. You exchanged your Jews for Muslims.

Your prayers were answered. But answered prayers are sometimes a curse.