Saturday, September 19, 2015

Europe Braces For Rape Epidemic From Incoming Migrant Hordes

They welcome the predators uncritically, sacrificing their daughters and wives on the altar of political correctness.
(INN) Who might they be, these refugees? People from China, Japan, Canada, the United States?

You win if you guessed Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and mostly, as of late, Syria.

Teachers are saying this new influx into Sweden, which is already the rape capital of world due to a previous influx of the same kind, brings with it men who simply have a different way of looking at girls and women. They are not used to women who – well, they simply are not used to women, period.

Where they come from women are toys, playthings and birthing machines.

So the Swedes are warning their kids to be extra careful because these new people come from a place where women get no respect. They expect to be abused.

They expect to be raped. Raping is normal in that part of the world.

That is not how I read it in the paper just the other day, but since I lost that particular clipping readers will please rely on my interpretation – for in fact the Swedes never used such terms as “abuse” or “rape.” That would be un-Swedish and so un-European. Political correctness must be observed.

Nor will they admit that nearly all these asylum-seekers are men without women.

So what they say is that these new refugees, mostly from Syria, bring with them a different culture – and it is a culture that must be respected.

Therefore it is not for them to adapt to us – it is for us to adapt to them. When they rape, it is our fault. They can’t help themselves.

They see a woman – and she is theirs for the taking. These well-fed lusty men simply cannot control themselves and their thrill-seeking ways.

It is their way of life and they cannot be blamed.

So say the Swedes, but by use of European Talk, which means using metaphors and avoiding any truth that stares you in the face, like the EU’s plague of rapists.

My Swedish waitress Olga -- Is she upset about what’s happening to her home country?

“Yes,” she said. “Those poor people. We must have compassion.”

She does not mean the rape victims. She means the brutes. This does not make her heartless. This makes her European. That is how they think.

That is how they are being destroyed from within, and illustrates how absolutely futile it is to reason with Europeans or with American Liberals.

They are entirely too busy being merciful to the wicked…and we know how that ends.

They welcome the predators who can’t control their sexual appetites, as to turn them back would prove that some people are different.

For the typical European and for the typical American Liberal, this is the guiding creed – All people are the same. All people are good.

Rather than face the fact that people are different, that Christians and Jews share no values with cannibals from Islam, Europe is prepared to roll over to accept the virtues of brute force. Europeans are ready to make the switch from the Bible to the Koran; from the belief that women are to be honored and protected to a custom that treats women like cattle.

This is your Europe of today, a place being gobbled up by people, among them savages, who know how to prey upon Western heartstrings. Strangely, Israel’s Arabs are having no part of the stampede onto Europe. They seem quite content to stay put. Very strange.

“The Koran has arrived and it has come to devour the Bible,” we wrote in this book. Finally, we are correct.

One by one they go with the flow of Islam.

In time the cultured European will be inseparable from the primitive, at the expense of women who already have no place to hide.

Still they come, and tomorrow Mr. Obama is bringing them to the United States.

So do not laugh at Sweden and poke no fun at Europe. Lock your daughters. More jihadists are coming next door.