Thursday, September 17, 2015

Islamic invasion of Europe update (September 17, 2015)

Croatia overwhelmed by flood of migrants, EU calls summit
Amid chaotic scenes at its border with Serbia, Croatia said on Thursday it could not cope with a flood of migrants seeking a new route into the EU after Hungary kept them out by erecting a fence and using tear gas and water cannon against them.

The European Union's newest member state said it may try to stop taking in migrants, just as the 28-nation bloc announced it leaders would hold an emergency summit on Sept. 23 to try to resolve the migration crisis, which has deeply divided it.

More than 7,300 people entered Croatia from Serbia in the 24 hours after Wednesday's clashes between Hungarian riot police and stone-throwing refugees at its Balkan neighbor's frontier.

At the eastern border town of Tovarnik, Croatian riot police struggled to keep crowds of men, women and children back from rail tracks after long queues formed in baking heat for buses bound for reception centers elsewhere in Croatia.

Police were also deployed in a suburb of the capital Zagreb, taking up positions around a hotel housing hundreds of migrants, some of them on balconies shouting "Freedom! Freedom!". Others threw rolls of toilet paper from the balconies and windows.

"Croatia will not be able to receive more people," Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic told reporters in Tovarnik.

Hungarian riot police detain migrants, including 'terrorist'
Hungary on Wednesday detained 29 people including a "terrorist" as migrants demanding to be let through the country's newly shut EU frontier clashed with riot police firing water cannon and tear gas while refugees searched for new ways to enter the bloc.

Croatia bans traffic on roads to seven border crossings with Serbia
ZAGREB - The Croatian police said on Thursday it banned all traffic on roads leading to seven border crossings with Serbia.

"The measure is valid until further notice," police said in a statement.

The traffic ban includes the border crossing of Tovarnik, near where most migrants entered Croatia from Serbia over the last two days. Police said 11,003 migrants have entered Croatia since Wednesday morning.

Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic said earlier on Thursday that Croatia would close its border with Serbia if the inflow of migrants again hits 8,000 people a day. He also said that Croatia had no capacity to receive new migrants.

Fighting-Age Muslim Migrants Lash Out At Hungarian Police After Budapest Seals Border

“I hate you, Hungary! Thank you, Serbia,” said one Iraqi migrant, Hussan, clutching a stone as he rushed to attack the Hungarian police on the border with Serbia.

It was his way of taking revenge after Budapest’s decision to close its frontier to migrants hoping to cross through the country en route to wealthier western European states such as Germany.

“Yalla!” (Let’s go!), young migrants shouted to encourage each other, throwing pieces of asphalt at police at the border before moving into Hungarian territory despite the acrid smell of tear gas.

But choked by the gas, with red eyes streaming, they immediately retreated to recover their strength before continuing the assault.

After more than an hour of clashes Wednesday, dozens of migrants managed in the early evening to overwhelm the Hungarian riot police and enter Hungarian territory from Serbia.

They managed to tear down the fence erected across the two access roads to Hungary and then advanced, ready to do battle with the police who fell back about 50 metres (yards) and responded by throwing tear gas grenades.

For its part, the Hungarian government reported 14 police injured “in clashes with migrants” without giving further details. A Serbian source spoke of several injured among the migrants.

The migrants, mainly from the Middle East including Syria and Iraq, were apparently not taking advantage of crossing into Hungary to vanish but seemed to be seeking to settle scores with the police, who have blocked their journey towards the rich countries of the European Union.

There's something obscene about these fighting-age male ├╝ber cowards fleeing the fight in Syria, and then acting like tough guys against the border police of Western nations.

You'd think Europe would see the writing on the wall here. It might be time to employ some live ammunition to give these savages a little taste of home.