Friday, October 24, 2014

Tunisian police end stand off with terrorists, shoot dead 5 women

(Tunis) A lucky arrest of 2 armed men in Tunisia this week quickly resulted in them gleaning the address of their hideout, and when police surrounded it and demanded the occupants quietly surrender it the capital, they were met by a hail of bullets and the Tunisian version of "Come and get me, Copper" which saw 1 policeman killed.

Unlike in the West where the liberals demand we send in negotiators, social workers and in the UK delivery men from KFC, the Tunisians went in guns blazing and were shocked to find the jihadists inside the building were nearly all... women who all fired back. In one case, the female firing back held her infant child in her arms as a shield. 6 dead terrorists later (5 of which were women) the police went home.

While the Tunisians supported their armed forces, the British apologists for Islamic terrorism, the bBC, had this to say:
The killing of five women and the wounding of a child will cast a shadow over Sunday's parliamentary elections, BBC Arab Affairs Editor Sebastian Usher reports.