Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ottawa shooting: 'Sergeant-at-arms shot suspect at point-blank range after diving around pillar'

(The Independent) The “terrorist” who killed a Canadian soldier was shot dead around a pillar by Parliament’s sergeant-at-arms as he hid in an alcove, it has emerged.

Kevin Vickers, 58, confronted Michael Zehaf-Bibeau alone and shot him at point-blank range while risking his life, CBC reported.

The attacker, who had already killed Corporal Nathan Cirillo at the National War Memorial, had exchanged fire with guards at the entrance of the central block and ran down the Hall of Honour.

He passed a room where the Prime Minister was meeting MPs and another room of politicians, shooting at both doors as he passed.

Mr Vickers was in his office when he heard gunshots and grabbed his automatic pistol and ran out into the passage, where his security team told him Zehaf-Bibeau was hiding around a pillar just metres away.

Witnesses told CBC News that the sergeant-at-arms immediately ran to the other side of the pillar, where he was within touching distance of the gunman and could see his firearm poking out.

In one motion, sources said he dived to the floor around the pillar, shooting Zehaf-Bibeau in mid-air as he fell to the ground.

He emptied all his ammunition and was followed by his security team, who also fired at the gunman.