Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Apartheid: Abbas toughens law against Palestinians selling land to Jews

Good thing he's a "moderate".

Following East Jerusalem acquisitions, Palestinian Authority ups penalty to hard labor for life; Fatah spokesman calls land solicitors ‘traitors destined to die a humiliating death’.

But, in the "through the looking glass" perspective of the anti-Israel crowd, only Israel can practice apartheid.

It's kind of like how only older white guys can be racist but even worse because most of the rest of the Middle East so obviously and blatantly practices apartheid and Israel so obviously does not.
(Times of Israel) Reacting to a number of high profile sales of Palestinian homes to Jewish organizations in East Jerusalem, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has toughened the penalty for citizens selling property to Israelis.

According to the official Palestinian Wafa news agency, Abbas on Monday imposed a sentence of hard labor for life on “anyone diverting, renting or selling land to an enemy state or one of its subjects.”

Jordan’s penal code number 16 article 114, applicable in the Palestinian territories, previously subscribed “temporary hard labor” to perpetrators of the crime.

Palestinian government and civil society reacted angrily to the recent acquisition of 26 apartments in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan by Elad, an Israeli foundation dedicated to the settlement of Jews in the historic City of David.

On Sunday night, Jews entered 10 apartments in two buildings bought by another Israeli nonprofit, Ateret Kohanim, in a different part of the neighborhood.