Monday, October 20, 2014

Taiwan upgrades submarines to launch Harpoon missiles

(Taipei) Taiwan has a big problem, a bloody big problem that is... China. You see, while Taiwan is an independent country, China doesn't think so and has openly stated it is prepared to use force in which to subsume the tiny Island back into China.

Currently, not only has China thousands of missiles aimed at Taiwan, in which to saturate the Island with high explosives, but more than enough assets in which to take the Island. The problem is, do the mandarins in China have the will to do so? The Taiwanese will make China pay a very heavy price, and in the aftermath of any invasion, the people who launched it, will no doubt be made to pay the price for their foolish endeavour. (By a bullet to the back of their head and their families fall from grace.) But that will only be half the story. The political fallout from the rest of the world will be even greater. So it is in Taiwan's best interest to make China suffer heavy losses.

Which is why they have upgraded their 2 ageing submarines to use the American sub launched Harpoon anti-ship missile. Which, if used against any invasion fleet correctly, would inflict crippling losses. This is on top of the Harpoon's fitted onto its F-16s and Frigates, and its own indigenous missile program.