Tuesday, October 14, 2014

UK: Court case of Muslim who wanted to carry out Mumbai-style terror attack in the UK

(London) Today, a court case opened at the Old Bailey of a Muslim who wanted to carry out a Mumbai style terrorist attack which saw 154 people murdered for Allah. This case has made history as it is the first secret court case to be held in the UK.

Erol Incedal came onto the Police radar when his car was stopped last Oct. Hidden inside a glass case was found an address for Tony Blair and his wife Cherie and a notebook which contains nice little snippets such as:
“Oh you the believers, fight those of the infidel who are near to you. Why do you not fight in Allah’s cause for those oppressed men, women and children who cry out: ‘Rescue us from this town’.”
After this, Police later bugged his car and taped Erol utter peaceful statements such as:
That he hated white people.
After permission was given to arrest him, on a laptop hidden away in the boot of his car, they found communications between Erol (who disguised himself as a woman) and another peaceful follower of Islam, where he tried to acquire Kalashnikovs in which to carry out a Mumbai style attack on British soil. However, for the first time ever in British history, this case will be held behind closed doors, with very little reporting to the public and with the possibility that the entire court case will be locked away forever.

The irony. Liberals and their do-gooding ilk who for years have quite literally bent over backwards in which to excuse Muslims for their intolerant behaviour by castigating any of their detractors as racists and by using the courts in which to get their way, are not only seeing the fruits of their warped ideological agenda coming back to bite them on the bum, but, as we have seen over the years, a steady erosion of our liberties and now our human rights (secret courts indeed) in which to tackle the mess they caused in the first place. I only hope that when an Islamic terrorist attack takes place in the UK, the only victims are a load of so called human right activists who, let's be serious, will continue to blame non-Muslims for the anger of their gun totting friends as the knives are drawn and somebody starts uttering "Allah ackba".