Friday, October 24, 2014

British shop refuses to serve soldier, claims it was a mistake and that they are the real victims

(St Helens) When 27-year-old Duane Fahy popped into a newsagent to buy a pack of cigarettes in St Helens, the shop refused to serve him. Why, they claimed that Fahy and his friends (all in uniform) looked under 18 years of age. They then changed their story and claimed they presumed it was against the law to serve cigarettes to soldiers in uniform.

Unlucky for Irfan Patel, who works at the shop, other customers took umbrage with how he was refusing to serve British soldiers and started protesting. That's when Allah's favourite shop workers claimed that they were the victims and that they had been racially abused.

What is it about intolerant Muslims playing the victim-card for the repercussions of their actions?