Monday, October 20, 2014

Muslim woman who flew black Islamic flag outside her home in UK fears for her safety

(Wales) 35-year-old Shazia Ramzan presumably thought it would be a good idea to fly a black Islamic flag outside her home in Newport, Wales. However, she claims to be shocked and now fears for her (and her family's safety) after people reported her to the Police for doing so.

The thing is, Mrs Ramzan, as a Shia Muslim, does not subscribe to the tenets of Islamic State who have made the black flag infamous, and actually, it is Shai Muslims who have borne the brunt of ISIS hatred.

Yet for all that, you'd think Mrs Ramzan would have known better, but she didn't, and after the locals mistook her flag, which honours Islamic martyr Al-Abbas with white lettering on a black background, for the ISIS one, she is now terrified that her house may be targeted after disgruntled locals reported her to the Police. What more can I say?