Friday, October 31, 2014

The new progressive way: Teaching religion is schools is bad... unless it's Islam

Parents Pull Son from Class Because School Is Teaching Islam.
(Breitbart) Parents of a boy enrolled in Manhattan Beach Middle School are pulling their son out of class because the school is teaching children the ten[e]ts of Islam, Los Angeles news station KTLA reports.

The father said, “The audacity of this school, to think that they can sit these children down and teach ’em whatever religion they please; it’s preposterous. This is illegal, basically. You can’t teach religion in schools any more, but apparently, in this particular school, at least, that’s not the case.”

Parents said they discovered that what their children were learning about Islam was more about the tenets of the faith than the history of the religion, according to KTLA. One question asked the students to write down teachings from the Koran.


The parents talked to the principal, but the school refused to change the schoolwork, prompting the parents to remove their son from the class. The school would not respond to questions from KTLA.
There's a difference between teaching about religions in the context of their place in history and historical events and demanding that students imbibe and then regurgitate the dogma of a particular religion.

For some reason, the left gravitates to the most violent and inhumane religion out there. It's like they feel kinship, or something.