Thursday, September 25, 2014

Single mother earns the wrath of Khan for rejecting his advances

(Birmingham) 27-year-old Zeeyarat Khan was obsessed with his fellow coworker, 30-year-old Samera Suleman. So obsessed, in fact, that when she refused to marry him when he asked her, his love for her turned to hatred and he threatened to kill her.

Being repeatedly told by Khan that he was going to kill Samera affected her so much, she handed in her notice, and as she left the shop, Zeeyarat (sounds just like see a rat) picked up a claw hammer and attacked her with it in the street, resulting in skull fractures, a brain injury and a fractured finger for the poor girl.

Today in court, Zeeyarat was handed an 18-year sentence. Let's hope he meets the man of his dreams and that he gets hammered daily in the prison showers, squealing like the pig he is.