Monday, September 22, 2014

Bill Clinton: Hamas Shoots Rockets into Israel Because They Feel Disempowered

Yeah, and ISIS beheads because they feel 'disempowered'.
(FPM) Bill Clinton, international profiteering humanitarian, talked to the Atlantic about interdependence which is on his Word-a-Day calendar. We’re all interdependent. The Clintons are dependent on us to subsidize their lifestyle and fake charity.

And we depend on them to take our money and lecture us.
“Hamas is feeling weak and disempowered, and they fire 3,000 rockets into Israel,” Bill Clinton said. “And because of the Iron Dome, they don’t kill anybody, and they get to say the Israelis are the bad guys for killing 1,800 people while all they did was kill 65 citizens, even though they had rockets in schools. They positioned themselves in a way to force the Israelis to kill civilians.”
This seems to be the new MO for both Clintons.

Say just enough of the talking points from both sides to sound centrist and make both sides think they get it. The result is usually confusing and annoys both sides.

Hillary has been doing the same thing lately with her “Gaza is too small so Hamas has to shoot rockets from residential areas” line.
“Ever since [Benjamin] Netanyahu succeeded to the prime ministership, he’s had a government without a majority … for making peace with the Palestinians,” Clinton said.
Peace with whom? Hamas?

Netanyahu repeatedly tried to negotiate with Abbas, Abbas sabotaged the negotiations by forming a unity government with Hamas. But Clinton sticks to the narrative that Israel doesn’t want to make peace. And because Israel doesn’t want to make peace, the terrorism continues.
“We’re doing this with funds from our donors, because I never take any money from the American government,” Bill Clinton said.
Sure, he just takes money from every other government. Including Qatar.