Tuesday, September 23, 2014

London school bans 16-year-old student who wants to wear full face niqab in class; naturally, Muslims cry 'Islamophobia'

(London) A very bright teenager has been banned from her school because she decided to turn up for class wearing the full face covering niqab. Her sister Sagal Ahmed, 18, insisted the school’s refusal to let the girl wear a niqab had been ‘very upsetting’. She said:
‘My sister just wants to wear the niqab for her reasons and attend a school. ‘I don’t feel like her education should be compromised or the way she dresses should affect the way anyone looks at her.’
This has now seen more than 700 people sign a "Stop the Islamophobia" petition in protest at the school’s stance.

On the other side of the fence, somebody else has knocked up a petition in support of the school.