Sunday, September 28, 2014

Apartheid in Action: Pro-Palestinian Haaretz Journalist Expelled From Ramallah University Conference For Being Jewish

Oddly enough, Amira Hass in a way supports the act as she finds it “understandable”. But what else would you expect from a Haaretz juorno?
(Inquisitr) In a display of open racism, the Birzeit University near to Ramallah in the West-Bank, expelled a left-wing, pro-Palestinian journalist on Israel’s Haaretz newspaper, simply for being Jewish by birth.

Amira Hass, who is well-known in Israel for championing Palestinian allegations of occupation and Israeli war crimes, attended the Alternatives to Neo-Liberal Development in the Occupied Palestinian Territories – Critical Perspectives conference at the university on Saturday, but was promptly asked to leave by the conference’s organizers.

Hass is a prime example of what is known as a “self-hating Jew” as she writes article after article condemning the democratic Jewish State, even though she was born there and is an Israeli citizen. She is a good friend to the likes of Hamas and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and even chooses to live in Ramallah despite the horrific human rights violations regularly perpetrated there, often against women.

By way of a twisted explanation for ejecting Hass from the conference simply for being a Jew and an Israeli, the University said that due to a number of complaints about her presence at the conference she was removed “for her own safety.” The move was justified as apparently Palestinian students need “a safe space” free of Jews.

Imagine if an African-American was asked to leave a similar conference in America or if a Muslim was asked to leave an event in London, simply because they were Muslim by faith. The outrage from such incidents would surely and rightfully be massive.

But in her typical left-wing, self-hating fashion, the Haaretz reporter wrote an article basically defending the university for removing her for being a Jew, essentially saying that it’s “understandable” as it always is, due to the alleged “occupation” and Israeli oppression of the Palestinian people.

Even though Hass noted that, “Palestinian citizens of Israel [i.e. Israeli Arabs - ed.] who teach at Israeli universities are not subject to the same policy,” she wrote about how she didn’t blame the Palestinian university for removing her.

Hass is highly critical of many aspects of the Israeli positions in the conflict with the Palestinians to the degree that she cannot bring herself to condemn outright the racist and fascist behavior she herself was subjected to in the name of Palestinian statehood and Islam.