Sunday, September 28, 2014

OK Beheader’s Imam Defended Muslim Terrorism, Called for Jailing Pamela Geller

(FPM) Imam Imad Enchassi, a Lebanese immigrant who claims to be a Palestinian Arab, was the Imam of the Oklahoma beheader’s mosque. While he is running the usual routine about peace and love, a story relayed to Robert Spencer by a former congregant shows a different side of him.
The Imam was Imad Enchassi the last I heard. He was a friend of mine. He is a Lebanese-born Sunni who hates Israel. He once gave a sermon that the Israelis were trying to collapse al-Aqsa mosque by digging tunnels underneath it. They have no issue with Palestinian suicide bombings because, as it was explained to me, that is the only weapon the Palestinians have.
That’s not a surprise, as Imam Imad Enchassi denounced Israel on social media and claimed to have family in Gaza who were killed during conflicts with Israel. Considering that Israel targets Hamas terrorists, that certainly raises some questions.

He also appears to be an officer in the state chapter of CAIR, a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood, and has numerous photos showcasing his involvement with Islamic Relief, an organization whose international chapters have had alleged ties to Hamas.

When terrorist supporter George Galloway was beaten up, Imam Imad Enchassi urged “prayers” for him. And he’s not too fond of critics of Islam in the US.

In response to a story on Pamela Geller’s ad campaign critical of Islamic terrorism, he posted that, “Hate speech and ads that crosses freedom of speech and encouraged violence ought to be illegal.”