Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Norway: Muslim Terrorists 'Planned to Behead Entire Family'

Muslims planed to break  into a random home, behead an entire family, and post a footage online.
(INN) A group of Danish Muslim extremists sympathetic to the "Islamic State" terrorist group (IS) planned to murder an entire family and film it as a "warning" to Western states intervening against IS in Iraq and Syria.

According to Norway's NRK TV channel the group of Islamists intended to break into a random home, slit the throats of all the residents and post the footage online.

The horrific plot is reminiscent of a similar one recently foiled in Australia, where a group of pro-IS Islamist terrorists planned to kidnap and behead a random member of the public and distribute footage of the gruesome killing in "revenge" for anti-IS airstrikes. The jihadis reportedly planned to wrap their victim in the Islamic State flag before murdering him.

Norwegian officials have declined to comment on the terror plot in their country, but it comes after a major terror alert in July which forced mass searches at border crossings and the closure of Olso's main synagogue as a security precaution.

A Norwegian terror expert confirmed to the Norwegian-language site that "multiple sources" had confirmed the existence of such a plot.

Alarmingly, not long ago another Norwegian newspaper, Verdens Gang, claimed security services were on the alert for a group of IS terrorists on their way to the country to carry out an attack against Norwegian civilians involving knives. Four suspected terrorists reportedly landed in Athens, Greece, on their way to carry out the attack, but their current whereabouts are unknown according to the paper.