Saturday, May 4, 2013

Why the British Government is out of touch with the people

(London) On Thursday, a number of councils in the UK went to the polls and - surprise, surprise - the ruling 3 political parties all lost out to the right of centre United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). The reason for this swing to the right is all down to how the political elites for the past 16 years have refused to listen to the people who put them in power and instead they do as they please and claim that we the little people don't know what we are on about. This is why for years anybody who wished to discuss Islam in the UK, was instantly re-badged as a racist and thus silenced. Anybody who discussed immigration was re-badged as a racist and thus silenced. Anybody who discussed pulling out of the European Union was re-badged as a racist and thus silenced. Anybody who discussed black crime (since 9/11, more young black men have been killed by black men in London than have British soldiers in Afghanistan) is re-badged as a racist and thus is silenced. And so it goes... and the government wondered why British people who were denied a voice voted for UKIP.

And it seems the Tories still haven't learnt their lesson with the news that the Home Secretary (William Hague) is going to petition the US to send home to England the last remaining British citizen held in Guantánamo Bay.

But here's the Crux - Shaker Aamer isn't a British citizen, no, he's a Saudi Arabian terrorist who married a British woman and then buggered off to Afghanistan in which to help Al-Qaeda strut their stuff. If he is going to be returned anywhere it should be to Saudi Arabia. But no, the British Government who have spent 11 years trying to send to the Middle East another f-ing Islamic terrorist (but refuse to because of his human rights) are now going to import another of the religious bigots who despise everything (except the benefits) which the UK can offer.

Well, the day the UK government allow in this f-ing Islamic terrorist is the day I stop voting for the present government and vote UKIP.

The British Government - traitors to the British people.