Saturday, May 4, 2013

Father shoots dead daughter after going to the Taliban for advice

(Afghanistan) In the West, we tend to sort out our own problems, be it infidelity, money problems, or even medical issues, we tend to resort to our own judgement and resolve our own issues. Some in the Western world want all the world to know about their problems and go onto a national TV in which to publicly humiliate themselves (think Jerry Springer).

However, what do you do if you live in the third world and need to sort out a problem which you want all the world to know about?

Why, you go to the Taliban and ask for their advice. Which is what one father did when his daughter, who had run off with the man she loved, was dragged back after 10 days of short freedom by her father, and as he felt that after people in his one goat village laughed at him he decided to write a letter to "Ask the Taliban" in which to get people to stop sniggering at him. The mullah's answer was simply take your daughter into the middle of a town, make her kneel down and shoot her to death from behind with an AK-47. Guess what, folks, he did. And people keep on telling me Islam is a religion of peace.