Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hezb-allah TV airs video of aftermath of IDF airstrike

(Syria) With the news that the IDF have struck inside Syria for a second time in 2 days, Hezb-allah, that Iranian funded terrorist org, has been the first to air daylight footage of the strike zone. Flat as a pancake kind of springs to mind. Funny enough, while Hezb-allah TV promotes the view that this was just a simple factory that bred cows and chickens and was surrounded by nothing more than farms, they spend an inordinate amount of time filming munition that just happens to be lying around, like, say, thrown out from the seat of an explosion. I can only presume that the animals bred on this farm situated on the Syrian-Lebanese border were fed a diet of high explosives. Also, can somebody explain how the military men all sport designer beards (as worn by jihad loving terrorist scum), unlike the vast majority of Syrian soldiers who appear clean shaven? Could they be 'Hezb-allah' troops? If so, what are they doing inside... Syria?