Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Another Islamic paedophile gang found guilty in the UK

(Oxford) Yet another gang of Islamic males have been found guilty in the UK of grooming children, raping children and trafficking children. If you want to read into the story, you will find them here.

But the act of grown men chasing young girls for their sexual gratification isn't what I wish to discuss. What I want to point out is how over the 8 years this gang preyed on young girls, the authorities (police, Oxford council, hospitals, social services and child protection groups) all failed to act when the victims of these evil men reported the abuse they were suffering to the powers that be.

For example, one of the victims was threatened with arrest for wasting police time after she told officers in 2006 that one of the defendants had assaulted her. She said at the time: “I know they are doing it to little girls as well. Little girls in their school uniform.” One officer told the shocked victim: “You are not the first and you won’t be the last.”

Another victim was subjected to a violent sex attack at the hotel in 2006. She was plied with alcohol and drugs, then she sobbed while she was raped and beaten. Another guest overheard her screams and called police. Photos were taken of the scene and of the 14-year-old girl’s injuries, but the case was dropped.

Tonight on the bBC's Showcase news program Newsnight, the head of Oxford Social services Joanna Simons (who has been in office for 6 years) apologised for not doing enough and for failing these poor girls, but when asked if she would resign for her terrible handling of this case, she said... NO.

But what really has caught my eye over this latest case of Islamic grooming of little white girls is how so many NGOs are trying to tell me this has nothing to do with religion or race, and that actually more white men are jailed for paedophilia in the UK than anybody else. Err, people, the UK is predominately white (around 90%). That means in the scale of all things statistical, whites are going to come top. But hang on, what's this? The grooming gangs in Telford, Oldham, Rochdale, Derby, Rotherham were all men who had a Pakistani background and were Islamic in faith. While Muslims represent 2% of the population, they account for nearly 20% of the prison population, and the left try to tell me this isn't about Islam?

And there lies the crux of the problem. For years, if anybody looked funny at a Muslim, they were deemed to be a racist. Instead of arresting and jailing Muslims guilty of shagging little girls, the authorities blamed the victims. Free in the knowledge that the police wouldn't touch them, Muslims have simply carried out what their unholy Koran tells them to do - murder, rape and lie.

P.S.: If you feel offended by what I have just written, please take note: I was born into an Islamic family, I was taken into care at an early age for being a victim of physical abuse. When the authorities realised that I was not white, they changed my white social worker for an Islamic one. Her first words to me: "You have brought shame on your family" and "our father loves you". Gee, I wonder why I walked out and refused to speak to the Islamic bitch.