Thursday, May 16, 2013

Saudi religious bigots target Twitter

(Riyadh) It appears that in the deeply conservative kingdom of Saudi Arabia where free speech is somewhat restrained, the little people have taken to social media in which to express themselves, which is why the highest take of Twitter in the world is in Saudi Arabia. Well, for the powers that be, that just isn't right. How dare the people do as they wish? Which is why the authorities have started playing the religious morals card in which to try and turn the people away from expressing themselves.

Sheikh Abdul Latif Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh (for Allah's sake, whatever happened to a simple Mr Smith?), the head of Saudi Arabia's religious police, has warned citizens against using Twitter. I quote:
Anyone using social media sites - and especially Twitter - "has lost this world and his afterlife".
The one good thing about this modern age is, it opens everybody's eyes to the freedoms that each man, woman and child is born with and that the religious bigot telling you to bend over and take it like a man isn't speaking for God. No matter how many times he tells you it's a secret, all you have to do in which to break their religious spell, is say hello to somebody you don't know.