Sunday, May 5, 2013

Venezuela replaces one fruitbat of a leader with another

(Caracas) Hugo Chavez won't be remembered for how he ruined the economy of Venezuela (power cuts, water shortages, food shortages, a very high murder rate) but rather for his half baked protestations of how he was a victim of nearly everybody in the world, bar Muslims of course.

There wasn't a week which went by when Hugo didn't come out with allegations of a threat against his life, be it from the media, the unions, the Jews, America, or even tiny little Columbia which is actually the next door neighbour.

Well, poor old Hugo is pushing up daisies, and you'd think that with a new man in office, that some sort of common sense would return to the President's office. Nah, who am I kidding? It appears that President Nicolas Maduro is as much a fruit loop as his predecessor. Which is why he has gone public with the revelation that the former President of Columbia (Alvaro Uribe) is out to kill him. I quote:
"Uribe is behind a plan to assassinate me. Uribe is an assassin. I have sufficient elements that he is conspiring, there are sectors of the Venezuelan right in communication with him for that,"
In response, Mr Uribe simply replied with:
"To the immature accusation by the dictatorship crazed by fraud and violence, only one response: that the elections be repeated.
What is it about the leaders of Venezuela and acute paranoia?