Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Off-Licences in Iraq attacked by gangs armed with silenced weapons...12 murdered

(Baghdad) It never fails to amaze with the hypocrisy Muslims express when it comes to alcohol. We have Islamic taxi drivers refusing to carry the stuff, we have Islamic hotel staff smashing bottles of the stuff, and on the other foot, each and every Islamic restaurant will serve alcohol in the West. And today, another 7 Islamic males have been found guilty of grooming little white girls by piling them with... alcohol.

When I was in the Gulf, I used to see many so called pious Muslims knocking back the hard stuff in hotel bars. (The irony being that we non-Muslims were forbidden by the army to touch alcohol.) In Bosnia, we on the base used to get our alcohol from the local Muslims. In Cyprus, my Turkish workers would ask me to purchase Whiskey for them. When I mentioned that as Muslims they shouldn't be touching the stuff, they would opine that they were modern Muslims.

Well, it seems that the modern Muslims inside Iraq have taken offence at how alcohol can be bought from Off-licences. So, armed with silenced weapons, they packed themselves into 4 vehicles and went for a drive, shooting up Off-licences after first restraining policemen tasked to protect these shops were blown up last year. No doubt these religious bigots will have had a drink of the hard stuff on their return to the local mosque in which to congratulate themselves on another fine job.