Tuesday, July 12, 2016

UK: Anti-Semitic councillor shows how stupid he really is

(Bradford) A council meeting at Bradford city hall turned into a slanging match when the Councillor for Bingley rural, Simon Cooke, told the chamber that “for the benefit of Councillor David Ward and others” he wanted to explain anti-Semitism to them - a reference to Cllr Ward’s past as an MP, in which comments he made about Israel saw him suspended from his party.

Cllr Cooke said his son had recently brought up the Holocaust with him, saying:
“My son said to me, they would have killed me and mum, wouldn't they?”
He condemned the use of the term ‘Zio’ and said people should be alarmed by anyone calling for the Jews to be run out of Israel.

To which Cllr Ward responded by saying:
“One thing is absolutely damn certain, he would not have been killed by a Palestinian.”
What a Plank, you are more likely to end up robbed, raped or murdered at the hands of a Palestinian than at the hands of a Jew. That isn't me gobbing off, that is a simple statistic based on facts.