Wednesday, July 13, 2016

36 killed as Muslims riot in Kashmir over the death of a terrorist in a gun fight

(India) On Saturday, the Indian Army got into a gunfight with Burhan Wani, the leader of Kashmir's largest terrorist group, Hizbul Mujahideen. Unfortunately for him, he lost big style. Yesterday, he was buried and the region erupted in violence as angry youths took to the streets in which to protest how Wani couldn't shoot as good as he talked. So far, 36 people have been killed, including a policeman whose car was pushed into a river, simply because he was a policeman.

So what is the problem with Kashmir? In 1947, when India was broken up in which to form Pakistan, the region of Kashmir opted to remain with India. Pakistan, not happy with that, invaded and since then has been claiming that Kashmir actually belongs to it, simply as it had a sizeable Muslim population. Since then, the 2 countries have fought 3 wars (all started by Pakistan) in which to sate Pakistan's small dick problem. For years now they have been seeding the Indian population with the POV that life for them would be better as... Pakistani citizens. In fact, whilst Pakistan opines about the lot of Muslims living in Indian Kashmir, the fact remains the half stolen by Pakistan in 1947 has as its biggest export... its people. Yup, that Islamic paradise is going really well in Allah's country... NOT!

Just what is it with Muslims and their inability to live in peace with anybody?