Friday, July 15, 2016

UK: 16-year-old Mohammed found guilty of murder

(Derby) Haris Mohammed took umbrage when friends of his mentioned to him that a group of men had stated that a young girl was fit (attractive). So in order to regain his honour he followed the group and stabbed totally innocent 21-year-old Tom Webb, killing him in January of this year.

The trial at Nottingham Crown Court heard Mr Webb had been with two friends in the city centre, buying food and drink from Tesco in St Peter's Street. After they left Tesco, one of his friends made the remark about a young woman walking past being "fit". A friend of the Mohammed overheard the comment and informed him, who then decided to pursue Mr Webb's group.

The group became aware of what can only be described as "an angry mob". Mohammed “set about provoking a fight", but Mr Webb "said expressly that he had no wish to fight 15-year-olds, asking what they were going to do". At which Mohammed replied: "What am I going to do? You don't know who I am?" He drew a knife from a bag hanging around his neck and held it to Mr Webb's throat area, , but Mr Webb pushed the boy back. Other members of the "angry mob" then instigated fighting, and Mr Webb was stabbed in the chest amid this. Mohammed , tried to excuse his killing by saying that Mr Webb has swung a bottle at him. But nobody was buying his lame excuse.

Today in court 16-year-old Haris Mohammed, of Duesbury Close, Allenton, was found guilty of murder. He will be sentenced later.