Thursday, July 14, 2016

Turkey: 3,000 abusers, rapists avoid jail time by marrying their victims

(Ankara) It has been revealed by the Turkish Supreme Court of Appeals that men accused of sexual crimes have been using a loophole in the law in which to stay out of jail. The loophole? Marry the victim.

Yup, in this pure Islamic society, where honour and losing face is everything, it seems that getting your daughter to marry her rapist is far better than having to murder her, in which to regain your honour. Not only that, but your daughter's rapist becomes your favourite son-in-law. Wow, everybody wins, except the victim. But hey, who cares about her rights?

The Turkish daily Milliyet has revealed that up to 3,000 sexual deviants have used this get out of jail card in which to remain free. And this is the country the political elites at the EU are looking at allowing to join them.