Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Syria: Video of Russian Air Force bombing a rebel fuel convoy

(Syria) One of the reasons why the Russians have done so well inside Syria is simply due to the fact that they haven't bogged down their troops with worrying about the human rights of terrorists or bystanders in the target zone. They had gone for total war, and total war is what the enemy have received. Hey, I'm not saying what they are doing is right, yet the fact remains that in under a year they have achieved much more by simply killing the other fellow rather than pandering to his whims as the West likes to do.

Here is one such example where a fuel convoy has been parked up next to houses west of Aleppo in which to use civilians as human shields. (On that note, where are the hundreds of Western human shields ready to deploy if the UK/US or Israel are going to attack? They haven't surfaced to protect terrorists and despots from the Russian Air Force. Funny that). The West wouldn't dream of hitting a target so close to civilian accommodation. Problem for the terrorists, it wasn't the West that hit them.
Not only that but the weapon in use above is definitely a cluster bomb. So I have to ask, where are the liberals? (You know, those who scream the loudest when  its the US/UK or Israel in their crosshairs.)