Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Germany: Islamic gang storm nudist pool in which to object to nudity

(Geldern) On the Dutch-German border, a gang of male Islamic youths took umbridge at how a swimming pool behind closed doors allowed naked swimming for those who wanted the freedom to do just that. So, obviously incensed at how people in Germany have the freedom to do as they like, they used that very freedom in which to storm the swimming pool in which to publicly berate the people, primarily women and children. (Strangely enough, not before 2 of these bigots took the time to have a swim among the naked women and children.) When asked to leave by the staff, these peaceful bigots took to abusing the women by calling them all sluts, shouting out ‘Allah Ackba’.

They were chased out by staff who had also called the police. However, on checking their IDs they were allowed to go on their way.

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