Saturday, March 26, 2016

UK: Man arrested by police for tweeting he asked a Muslim about Brussels. Meanwhile a Mullah who praised a terrorist is still allowed to walk free.

(London) After the latest Islamic inspired terrorist attack on European soil a British business man tweeted that he asked a Muslim woman why? 

Well, faster than a speeding bullet, the British old bill, arrested and charged Mr Doyle for inciting racial hatred. Well the Crown Prosecution Service said it did not agree with the Met’s decision, adding that the force did not have the legal power to bring the charges and so Mr Doyle has been released without charge.

What is the world coming to? When people are denied the right to question. You know that world which demands white people apologise for : Slavery, shooting black thugs dead,Empire or even scholarships at Oxford , yet ask a Muslim about the latest in a long line of racially and religiously inspired terrorists attacks and your banged up faster than a fat copper can stuff a couple of doughnuts into his gob. Well Mr Doyle is going to take the Met to court and you know what, I hope he wins and sues the pants off Plod.

But what makes this story even more questionable is that the leader of Scotland's main mosque : Imam Habib ur Rehman has openly defended a terrorist who murdered a Pakistani Politician who defended a Christian woman accused of blasphemy . Has this man been arrested for expressing a much more polarised view than Mr Dolyle? Nah, he's free to do as he likes. That people is how militant Islam has emasculated the authorities in the UK.