Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How the left reinvent the past

(Australia) A story currently doing the rounds in the left-wing media is how a university in Australia is informing its students that Australia was invaded and not discovered by Great Britain. Most people will laugh this off as just something that the ethical latte drinkers are getting upset about, but to be honest, we should all worry about how the left are rewriting history on the so called morals of today. So today the left loves to berate the British Empire as evil and that all the ills of the current day stem from it. Yet nobody talks about other empires, or if they do they wax lyrical about them. Islam for example spread out after the death of its founder and by 0718 AD, the Spanish peninsular was occupied by Islam. Yet instead of saying that al-Andalus was occupied, we are regaled to how Spain under Islam was a wonderful place to be. Really? The same is said about the Ottoman Empire , it (like the Islamic Empire) lasted for several hundreds of years and they didn't rule by being nice, yet, the liberal left remain ever so silent on it. The left love to berate the British for slavery, but for some strange reason they leave out the very salient part that Great Britain in 1833 banned slavery outright and it used its military power (The Navy) to enforce that stance on everybody else. why do the left never seem to mention that? Look at how Nazis Germany (Dresden) and Japan (Hiroshima/Nagasaki) have now been reinvented in victims of the allies . The Islamic world loves to wax lyrical about the Crusades. Yet the facts remain that at that time the Levant was(and still is) the Christian holy-land and that Islam was the invader. As a child growing up, I was told never to refer to a dark skinned person (I am brown by the way) as black ,as it was deemed offensive you had to say coloured. Now, you have to say black as coloured is deemed..offensive. Spokesman is deemed offensive you have say spokesperson, however spokeswoman is Ok. What this means is today, is that common-sense has gone out of the window and that idiots have been allowed to take control of the world. A world where everything is taken out of context and everybody is a victim. Unless of course if you are white and male.