Monday, March 28, 2016

China deploys anti-ship missiles to contested Island in South China Sea.

(Woody Island)  China has for the past few years strengthened its claim to virtually all of the South China Sea (under the remit of the 9 dash line) by the use of economic (favoured status) and military projection.

With over 30% of the Worlds trade transiting through the region, it doesn't take much to see why China is staking a claim on it. But the fact remains under the UN law of the sea, China has no legitimate right to areas that are over 1000 miles off its own coast line, but only 50 or so from the coast line of others. As the famous Chinese proverb states:
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
Well, it appears the Chinese are doing likewise with their annexation of the South China Sea.  Which is why they have been building small Islands up in the Paracel Island chain , in which to try and claim legitimately, that actually they are sticking to the rule book. which is why they have spent a lot of money on the tiny (Well not so tiny now) Island of Woody and declared areas around such claims as out of bounds and god forbid if you should happen to cross the Rubicon .

Which is exactly what the US have been doing further south in the Spratly Islands, specifically within the self imposed 12 mile limit the Chinese have declared 'Out of bounds' around Subi Reef.

Well, it appears the Chinese are taking small steps in consolidating their hold over their version of Sudentenland  have decided to arm their little sea forts, which is why in October last year they positioned their clone of the Russian Su27 (J-11BH/BHS on Woody Island, this they followed up with the installation of anti-aircraft missiles in February of this year and now, it is been reported they have positioned their version of the Tomahawk anti-ship missile (YJ-62) all in which to say, primarily to the US, now sail the USS Lassen within our self imposed 12 mile border.

Personally I feel that the militarisation of Woody Island is aimed more at Vietnam, than at the US, but the message remains the same:
We are here to stay and there is nothing you can do about it.