Thursday, March 31, 2016

UK: The Intolerance of Sunni Islam exposed

(Glasgow) So here we are a week after a Ahmadiyya Muslim was brutally murdered by another Muslim for the crime of wishing Christians a happy easter. Yup it appears that so inflamed did 32 year old Tanveer Ahmed get at reading this message of peace and goodwill to followers of the Book. (The Koran states that Jews and Christians are followers of the book and thus tolerance and autonomy is accorded to them in societies governed by sharia (Islamic divine law) that he got in his car and drove 200 miles north and stabbed Mr Shah 30 times.

Well today the Central  mosque in Glasgow held a press conference, but it was more about them trying to whitewash  the revelationthat  two of Scotland’s senior membershave been exposed as leading members of a proscribed organisation (Sipah-e-Sahaba) than the murder of Mr Shah a few miles from their door.  It appears that  Sipah-e-Sahaba a Sunni Islamic org doesn’t like sharing the name Muslim with Shia Muslims and so it has no problem going out of its way to murder as many Shia Muslims as possible. Well as this comes hot on the heels of another exposure of a prominent Scottish Muslim and his support of a Pakistani terrorist who murdered a Pakistani MP for the crime ofdefending a Pakistani Christian we can see that something rotten is to be found in the state of Scotland when it comes to so called peaceful Muslims. Now before anybody from up north tries to correct me (You can’t say that, have you met a real Muslim? Or just plain you are a racist.) let me point out, that I am an apostate from the gay death cult (Well they have no problem killing women for being friendly with men) and I know only too well from my own experiences with Pakistani Sunni Muslims  in the Uk (Like been told to change my name as it is Islamic and I am not, problem there is I have a penchant for the martial arts, boxing ,keeping fit and possessing a very stubborn streak, oh yes due to the physical abuse I received as a child , I have a very rare condition, which means I have a very high tolerance to pain, very handy in a fight)

So back to the story at hand, whilst the central mosque waxed lyrical about ‘Islamophobia’ and how Muslims can only be victims in the UK. I quote:
"Our community since 9/11 has struggled greatly with Islamophobia and we cannot afford this divide on the basis of our beliefs or religion.
They left out the very salient fact that yesterday(30/03/16) The local mosques and imams were invited to the Glasgow Ahmadiya centre on the morning of March 30th to show their solidarity with the grieving Ahmadis and to sign a joint statement. None came. So much for saying they cannot affords this division due to having different beliefs. But then the vast majority of Scotland mosques come under the umbrella of the Muslim council of Britain. That self-appointed (Pakistani) guardian of Islamic morals in the UK and here is what they had to say about the followers of Ahmadiyya Islam from a few years ago. For some very strange reason they have now removed that post from their website.

The thing is, we keep getting told that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance, but it appears that the only branches that are, are those which the majority Islamic branch (Sunni Islam)  keeps going well of its way in which to eradicate.