Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hamas digging tunnels into Israel, sees war as the only way.

(Gaza) The Islamic world loves to portray Hamas the rulers of Gaza as victims of the Jew. (Lets be honest here, whilst the Islamic world and left say they are not anti-Semitic, when they say Zionist, they mean jews) Poor Gaza under military occupation by Israel, Poor Gaza suffering a genocide, Poor Gaza under siege. (Doesn't kind of explain all the fat bastards living there (A study of Palestinian adults estimated the prevalence of overweight and obesity as 58.7% and 71.3% among men and women respectively)) Anyway after Hamas murdered 3 young boys, and then in which to profess their innocence lobbed thousands of missiles into Israel (Some siege) Israel fought back and was pillared by the Left and Islamic world for doing so. Anyway the world demanded that if if only Israel opened its borders, then peace would befall the region, because as we all know Islam is a religion of peace and Hamas would respect any overtures to peace. One such example would be for Israel to let in building materials in which to allow Gaza build the homes it needs to house its exploding population. Well since 2014 and the last set to, Israel has allowed in 3.5m tonnes of construction materials into Gaza , yet instead of building homes, Hamas has built tunnels, tunnels into Israel in which to start another war, a war of their own making designed to get the Israeli to retaliate and get the Islamic (and liberal world) to condemn Israel for fighting back and of course the real reason, to open up plenty of wallets in which to fatten the wallets of the fat cats who quite literally see war as a money making operation. Meanwhile the left continue to see Israel as the ones in the wrong here. On that note does anybody know of any Islamic country which is able to live in peace with its non-Islamic neighbours?