Wednesday, July 24, 2013

World applauds US for withholding 4 F16 fighter jets from Egypt.

(Washington)  The Liberal world here in the Uk is cock-a-hoop over how the current US administration has blocked the sale of 4 F16 jets to Eygpt after the Military there got rid of the Muslim Brotherhood leader for life the other week.

The BBC's Kim Ghattas in Washington says the decision is a way for the US to signal its displeasure with recent events in Egypt 

The Guardian
 The US government has delayed the delivery of four F-16 fighter jets to Egypt's air force, in an implicit criticism of the way the Egyptian military has behaved since forcing ex-president Mohamed Morsi from power.

Here's what the above don't mention, Egypt current has 240 F16 Jets on its books, 4 more isn't going to make any difference.