Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Muslim Council of Britian squeaks, its messasge reeks.

(London)  The self appointed Muslim Council of Britain is an Islamic pressure group with the sole purpose of ensuring that Islam is granted as many privileges as possible, in which to ease the passage of getting 'Islam' recognised as the one and only faith of the United Kingdom. In order to achieve this aim, the MCB play the victim card every chance they get in which to ensure that the ethical latte drinkers out there, can only see the followers of Islam as only victims. Which is why when anybody has tried to discuss the more odious elements of the cult of Islam until 2005 they were character assassinated and then ostracised as 'Racists'  Then in July 2005, the unthinkable happened, Islamic terrorists detonated 4 bombs in London and murdered  52 innocent people. The MCB insisted that the government hold a public inquiry so as to lay the blame not at fellow members of their faith, but rather at British foreign policy. Instead the government of the day set in motion a study group comprising of a number of MCB members and their conclusion about why Muslims turn so readily to terrorism, because Holocaust day in the UK which remembers the millions of Jews murdered by the Nazis , is offensive to Muslims.

And so it goes, we've had MCB members openly declare that British troops must be attacked, they have openly stated that homosexuality is unacceptable and they have attacked any attempt in which to punish Islamic terrorists in the UK. In other words they only support the viewpoint of racist bigioted muslims while promoting the view that they are a religion of peace.

Currently as it stands the Uk has in the last few years born witness to numerous terrorist plots, thankfully the vast majority have been caught in the bud, but as it stands over 60 people people have been murdered in cold blood and yet after each terrorist incident, we are all fed a line about how Muslims are fearful for their safety. Really? after Islamic paedophilic gangs have been caught time and time again targeting young girls we are fed a diet that they are not Muslims, that it is racist to think so and that actually more whites carry out crimes in the UK. In fact if I only listened to the bBC, I would believe that I lived in a racist land where whites abuse coloureds every chance they got. (Which is strange as I am brown skinned and have an Islamic name and i face no issues whatsoever)

Anyway after a couple of failed bomb attacks on mosques and the stabbing to death of an Islamic pensioner, the Police have 2 Ukrainian immigrants on charges of attacking the Islamic community. Get that, in the UK after numerous gang rapes, terrorist plots and the murder of over 60 people, including the beheading of a British soldier on the streets on London in broad daylight , 2 mosques have faced failed bomb attacks and 1 man has been murdered, all of which have transpired in the last few weeks and at the hands of foreigners . So much for the UK being a racist country, yet and a big yet the MCB is demanding that after dramatic escalation in violence" against British Muslims there needs a much tougher response from the government.

Really? and yet when the Government tried to do even less against Islamic terrorists, the MCB ensured they refused to help the British government.

Oh look there's that 'H' word again. Just so f-ing glad I left the gay death cult behind at the tender age of 10.