Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ramadan Death Toll: Wed 24/07/13

(Egypt)  It appears that a number of Allah's favourite terrorists inside Egypt felt that they had come across a cunning plan in which to murder as many people as they could during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. So they built a car bomb and decided to  drive it to the town of  El-Arish were they knew they could murder with impunity. The thing is, they must have picked a really bumpy route as ,is the case with infantile idiots they suffered a huge case of premature detonation and instead of killing as many innocents as possible, they saw their flip-flops jetting across the desert at over 100MPH  followed naturally by their own burnt out bodies.  Also in the same town Two Egyptian soldiers were shot dead.

(Somalia) Somali MP 'Sheikh Adan Mader' had a very lucky escape today in Mogadishu, when the car he (and 3 others) had been travelling exploded (due to a hidden bomb) just after they had left it. Unfortunately one passer-by was killed in the explosion.

(Pakistan) A terrorist attack on the town of Sukkur, saw buildings belonging to the Pakistani secret service targeted, after 4 bombs were detonated, heavily armed gunmen lay siege to the area. currently 5 people and 3 terrorists have been confirmed as killed with over 40 injured.

(Thailand)  A bomb attack on the Chanet District Hospital, killed 2 Islamic women and 1 Buddhist teachers. The blast is the latest in a number of Islamic terrorist incidents in the south of Thailand where over the past 15 days of Ramadan 32 terrorist attacks have taken place killing 22 and injuring 28 more.

(Iraq) A terrorist attack on a Police station in the northern town of Bashmaya saw 9 policemen murdered.

(Syria) Two Palestinian men inside a Syrian refugee camp died of GSW when they decided to join a firefight between Free Syrian Rebels and Syrian regime forces.

(Pakistan) 18-year-old Waris felt his honour had been stained when he saw his stepmother talking to somebody he didn't know. So taking a gun he shot her. After handing himself in to the police Waris proclaimed that he tried his best to stop his stepmother from meeting strangers, but she did not stop. He said that he saw a stranger with his stepmother last night. -

(Pakistan) overnight 3 people were murdered in the city of Karachi.

Ramadan death toll is now at 763.