Tuesday, July 23, 2013

EU declares Hezb-allah as a terrorist outfit, British Broadcaster BBC sheds tears

(London) yesterday the European Union passed a motion which declared that Hezb-allah (The Iranian backed Lebanese terrorist outfit) as being a terrorist outfit and thus by default "Persona non grata"
Good? Well not to the BBC which has pushed out article after articel about how this is all wrong, that Hezb-allah is a party of peace and guess what its all the fault of the Jew: So we have a video report on
Hezbollah 'deeply rooted in Lebanese society' 
On how poor Hezb-allah can only be a victim
Hezbollah facing growing Syria backlash
Read up on the bBCs viewpoint that the only reason Hezb-allah are in Syria is to save Assad from Islamic terrorist.
EU ministers agree to blacklist Hezbollah's armed wing
How God sent Hezballah into Lebanon to combat the Jew
Iran: Cleric 'claims God sent warriors' to repel Israel
It appears that at the bBC, they still sing to the tune that:
"We are all Hezb-allah now"
The bBC, the propaganda arm  for Islamic terrorism.