Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ramadan Death Toll: Thursday 25/07/13

(Iraq) Dozens of Sunni militants set up a roadblock on a highway north of Baghdad early on Thursday, stopped trucks, checked IDs and then summarily executed 14 Shi’ite drivers.

(Iraq) Bomb and gunfire attacks, mainly targeting Iraqi security forces, in the predominantly Sunni areas in Iraq on Wednesday killed 22 and wounded some 64 others, as the country struggles to contain the worst violence since 2008. Minus the 9 policemen murdered I reported yesterday that gives me a figure of 13.

(Tunsia) "Mohamed Brahmi,"a leading opposition figure and critic of Tunisia's ruling Islamists,was shot dead by unknown gunmen outside his home near the capital on Thursday.

(Afghanstan) Bomb blasts in Kunduz, Jawzjan, have resulted in 5 dead and 21 injured. In a separate incident in Kandahar, the Taliban murdered two workers who used to work for the Afghan government.

(Kashmir) An Islamic Cleric has been arrested after the bodies of his two children (three-year old Aaliya Iftikhar and two-year old Mohammad Hashim) were found with their throats slits. His wife (Naseema, 40) who also had her throat slit is is battling for her life.

(Thailand) 2 Policemen and 4 civilians were murdered by Islamic separatists in Southern Thailand  The policemen were visiting a market in Narathiwat Province, the others included a couple in their early 50s shot and killed while driving home and two Muslim villagers who died after gunmen sprayed bullets at a tea shop.

(Syria) A car bomb inside Damascus killed at least seven people and wounded 62.

Ramadan death toll is now at 2747.