Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ramadan Death Toll

(Afghanistan)  A follower of the peaceful religion decided that he was going to kill for Allah during the holy month of Ramadan. So taking pointers from the Islamic holy book, he walked an explosive laden donkey into a US army patrol and no doubt uttered 'Allah ackba' when he murdered 3 American servicemen. Religion of peace my arse.

(Afghanistan) In the Eastern province of Khost, gunmen attacked the home of the Spera district chief, killing his brother and 5 bodyguards.

(Turkey) Vigilant Turkish soldiers, showed the world what they are capable of when they opened fire on refugees trying to escape Syria.

(Pakistan) 5 years ago  Tahir Sarwar married  Shahnaz Bibi . Apparently her family were against this marriage, which is why after festering for such a long time, gunmen walked into the their family home and opened fire with automatic weapons. Killing 25-year-old Tahir, his wife Shahnaz Bibi, 22-year-old Zahid Sarwar,2-year-old Arish Tahir, 9-month-old Adnan Tahir and a guest Hamza Nawaz. -

(Kashmir) Islamic terrorists paid for by the pakistani government lost one of their own when they tried to infiltrate into India and were caught by the Indian army."Qari Yasir commander of the Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorist outfit, found out the hardway what it is like to be hit by a machine gun.

(Algeria) Algerian troops ambushed a car containing 4 Islamic terrorists and in the ensuring one-sided battle. 4 of allah's favourite little terrorists,( including regional Al Qaeda deputy leader Abu Al Walid Tuhami) got their wish of dying over Ramadan.

(Gaza) A family dispute in the Gaza Strip saw 20 year  old Majed Iyyad Katkat, stabbed to death during the Islamic holy month.

(Iraq) As can only transpire during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. 3 Bombs were detonated amongst Sunni Muslims who had congregated for evening prayer inside Iraq. 9 people were murdered and injuring over 50.

(Eygpt) Clashes between the real followers of Allah (Muslim Brotherhood arseholes) and the so called false muslims (Anybody not a MB supporter. Saw 11 people killed in pre-dawn clashes. It transpires that student MB supporters at Cario university decided to leave their sit-in and march to the local mosque. On route they blocked roads, causing huge traffic jams and enraging the locals. Whom it transpires found their savours in 7 masked men who saying enough was enough opened up with weapons removing 11 traffic foul-ups at a stroke.

Ramadan death toll is now at 712.