Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Islamic London Council of Tower Hamlets hands out biggest share of Tower Hamlets Council’s faith building grants to... Muslims

(London) The East London borough of Tower Hamlets has one of the highest ethnic minority populations in the UK. However with a population of around 1/4 million, roughly 34% of the population are recorded of being Islamic, Christians account for around 27% of the population. Yet due to neoptism, Islamic block voting and the customary Islamic disregard for honesty, a Islamist mayor was voted in 2010.

Well it transpires that out of a budget of  £595,000 in which to hand out to relgious groups in the borough,  £378,000  was handed to 25 Islamic groups, the remaining 66% of non-Islamic groups had to share the rest.

Anybody else notice how when Muslims are in the minority they speak of inequalities , under-representation  and racism at the hands of Non-Muslims, that the world must be fairer, that they support democracy and equality for all. Yet when they form the majority anywhere in the world (Never mind the UK) they set about looking after only their own and stamping down on all non Islamic faiths.

Meanwhile white liberals keep on telling me Islam is a religion of peace. Yeah, right.