Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ramadan Death Toll, Sunday 28/07/13

(Nigeria) It's been a busy few days for followers of the religion of peace up there in the Northern Islamic half of Nigeria. In Borno state, terrorist group Boko Haram went on the rampage and shot dead 25 innocent civilians along with 5 members of a vigilante group sick to death of how Allah's favourite Nigerians have been going around committing murder for Allah.

(Gaza) A man from the Gaza Strip died on Sunday after suffering gunshot wounds to the head, medics said. The man, identified only as R.H, was brought to the hospital with severe head injuries and later died. The family of the man said they believe he was killed with his own gun, most likely after it accidentally went off.

(Iraq) Bomb attacks throughout Iraq claimed 12 lives on Sunday. These included a suicide bomber who drove his explosives-laden car into a Kurdish patrol in the north of the country, killing 8 and injuring 5. In Baghdad, somebody placed a bomb on a minibus which killed 3 commuters and injured 9 others, and a bomb placed inside a tea-house killed 1 and injured 10.

(Kashmir) An Indian policeman was shot dead by Islamic terrorists Sunday morning.

(Philippines) A soldier was killed and 3 others wounded on the restive island of Mindanao when a bomb he was trying to deactivate, detonated.

Ramadan death toll is now at 3,536.