Monday, May 14, 2012

Why does the world remain silent on 500,000 Christians kicked out of Sudan?

(Khartoum) When the southern (Christian) half of Sudan voted to cede from the Islamic half, the mullahs didn't like losing the revenue they had been bleeding dry from the oil wells based there. So they did as they always do - they persecuted the non-Muslims. This they did by claiming that actually parts of the area belonged to them, and launched a land invasion after softing up the area with a bombing campaign. They also declared all Christians from the south (500,000) as persona non grata and told them to sling their hook or else. Which is why 1/2 million Christians are being ethnically cleansed from their homes in which to satisfy the Islamic code of honour.

The thing is, where is the liberal outrage?

You know, that outrage we see when ever anybody talks about the 750,000 Palestinians who were told to get out of the way in 1948 when 5 Arab armies invaded the fledgling country of Israel, in which to kick the Jew into the sea. The thing is, the Jews won the day, and after trying again in 1967 and 1973 in which to teach the Jew a lesson, the Arabs instead started playing the "Woe is me" card and the left naturally took their side in every direction. The thing nobody mentions is that roughly the same number of Jews (750,000) were expelled from the Arab countries of their birth between 1946 and 1967. Yet nobody bothers to ask for their right of return. (Or even mentions them.)

Which brings me to Sudan and the ethnic cleansing of 1/2 million Christians from the Islamic half of the country. If this was a Western country kicking out Muslims, the left would be in an uproar. Yet when Muslims do likewise, they remain silent.

Funny that?