Thursday, May 24, 2012

Amnesty International complains about the deaths of terrorists

(London) In the film "Bulletproof Monk", the head Nazi mentions to his Nazi granddaughter than hiding within a human-rights organization was a bold move. An act of fiction?

Yesterday, the human right org Amnesty International opined to the world that the raid which resulted in the death of terrorist Osama bin Laden was illegal. They also mentioned that questions they have asked the US over the killing of terrorists Anwar al-Awlaqi, his al-Qaeda co-conspirator Samir Khan and a couple of other blood thirsty idiots have gone unanswered.

You know what? I'm all for human rights and such, yet, and a big yet, why do the left spend more time and effort defending those who not only stick two fingers up to human rights but have more blood on their hands than those they actually chase? Which is why the tofu eating terrorist apologists at AI have this to say about Syria in their latest report:
A failure to intervene in Sri Lanka and inaction over crimes against humanity in Syria – one of Russia’s main customers for arms – left the UN Security Council looking redundant as a guardian of global peace.
Yet had this to say about Israel:
Israel maintained its blockade of Gaza, prolonging the humanitarian crisis and continued to expand illegal settlements in the West Bank.
Israel maintained its blockade of Gaza. Would that be the Gaza where Iranian made missiles are fired daily into Israel? That Gaza where Israel allows 250 trucks a day in which to supply Gaza? That Israel which recently allowed Gaza to export clothes to Europe? That Gaza which Israel supplies with 320 brand new vehicles a month? The same Gaza which Israel supplies with power (besides the fact that Islamic Egypt has just cut off gas exports to Israel)?

Yet nice Syria, which has murdered more Syrians in 12 months than Israel has killed in 60 years, is given a cop out by AI by them blaming everybody bar the Syrians. So typical, so left-wing, so bloody biased.

It seems that the script writers for the film Bulletproof Monk were a lot closer to the truth than they imagined.